We offer customised solutions with planned consumption to minimise maintenance times for the fleet of trucks, buses, special vehicles, etc.

Our goal is to maximize productivity, avoiding unexpected breakdowns, reducing consumption and increasing people's safety and comfort.

Cost and maintenance time reduction up to 20%.

Optimal fleet performance and minimization of downtime and breakdowns

Increased quality of fuels and oils over their lifetime and protection of components

Customized scheduled maintenance plan for the fleet


Engines and systems are evolving to be more efficient, but, at the same time, they have increasingly demanding needs. Elements such as injectors or valves require high quality fuels. To improve the quality of these and avoid physical, chemical or biological contamination, Grupo Cartés offers a comprehensive fuel treatment service.

Through analysis and diagnosis, we propose the necessary solutions, revisions and maintenance in order to always guarantee the optimum condition of the fuel.


One of the critical incidents in fleet management is the breakdown of some of the equipment and its consequent stoppage. This problem results in an additional cost by needing an alternative, or simply not being able to perform the service, failing to comply with customers and increasing the cost per kilometer.

In order to offer a global solution, we define together with the professionals the needs of the equipment, so that we can guarantee the supply of the appropriate filters within the programmed deadlines that we help to configure. In this way, additional costs are avoided and efficiency and profitability are maximized.


The drivers of the commercial vehicle fleet spend many hours inside the cab. For this reason, their safety and comfort must be a priority.

Our product portfolio includes sanitizing solutions for vehicle cabins, such as ozone generators, purifiers or disinfectants, as well as cabin filters with or without active carbon, anti-allergen treatment or filtration for the air conditioning system of passenger vehicles.

We also have other protective measures for people, such as masks or cosmetic hydroalcoholic gel.

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Optimization of the quality
of fuels and oils

Discover our Treatment Program for optimizing the quality of fuels, lubrication oils and hydraulics and how it can help professionals take care of their equipment and avoid downtime.

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