Prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria

Minimizes viral load

Guarantees the disinfection of tools, vehicles and spaces.

The safety and protection of people's health must be a priority. Hygiene and cleanliness measures must therefore be taken that can prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria and reduce the viral load in closed environments.


Three-layer mask:

- Disposable and hypoallergenic, as it does not contain fiberglass or latex.
- Composed of 3 layers of synthetic filtering materials (microfibers).
- Prevents the spread from one infected person to the rest.

Mask KN95 (equivalent to FFP2):
- It has a maximum efficiency of around 95%.
- Model recommended by the WHO due to its efficiency.

Cosmetic hydroalcoholic gel for hand cleaning and protection:

- Active ingredient: chlorhexidine digluconate, antiseptic of preference in surgeries and for the disinfection of wounds and burns.
- Cosmetic: protects the skin thanks to its moisturizing anti-drying action.


Pressurised sprayer BASIC 7:
- Allows fully adjustable spraying with very simple and light handling.
- Suitable for use with disinfectants and other products, with no risk of leaks or abrasion of the seals due to continuous use.

SANITER surface sanitizer:
- Suitable for disinfecting tools, offices, vehicle interiors, workshop areas, industrial warehouses, hotels, etc.
- Can be used on all types of surfaces (textile, plastic, glass, metal, etc.).


Ozone generator:
- Ozone gas destroys the SARS coronavirus, as well as 99.99% of other pathogens that can be found in the air.
- Effective in the elimination of fungi, bacteria, viruses and protozoa.
- Applications, with the appropriate means of protection: vehicles, offices, workshops, hospitals, shops, etc.


Through the correct dimensioning and installation of filters and filtration systems for rooms, the quality and sterility of the air is guaranteed according to the needs of each process or application. From basic pre-filtration to absolute filtration in sterile environments.


Air purifiers:
- They are 99.95% efficient against bacteria, viruses, pollen and fungus.
- They can be used in different environments such as waiting rooms, workplaces, offices, workshops, etc.

Sterilization by Ultraviolet-C light:
- Proven germicidal effect in the purification of water, air and surfaces, without the presence of people.

Photocatalytic air purifiers:
- They increase up to 100 times the germicidal effect of ultraviolet light and 2 times the germicidal effect of ozone.
- They do not generate in the environment any harmful effect for people.

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