Improves efficiency by reducing energy consumption by up to 60%.

Guarantees a completely polished finish without spraying

Increases productivity and prevents breakdowns

Poor paint booth filtration can result in wasted time and money.

This is because the particles in suspension spoil the finishes, which are not completely polished and imperfections appear.

An optimal filtration solution is based on two pillars:

A regular and preventive control that anticipates possible breakdowns and high energy consumption, thus increasing the profitability of the company and guaranteeing
the satisfaction of the end customer.

A quality brand, such as Aldair Industrial Filtration, for industrial applications, and which complies with demanding standards such as ISO 16890, Eurovent Certified Performance Programme and ATEX.

Depending on each specific need, we offer different alternatives for spray booth maintenance and additional services:

- Change of roof filters.
- Complete change of filters.
- Complete preventive maintenance.
- Programmed maintenance.
- Change of the cabin lighting system to LED.
- Disassembly and assembly service of the cabin.
- Detection and counting service of particles in the air.

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Download the document about our spray booth maintenance service where you will find all the detailed information.