DONALDSON: A premium solution to increase equipment profitability

At Grupo Cartés we are distributors of the Donaldson brand, with the aim of covering the needs of professionals in sectors such as agriculture, industrial vehicles, maritime transport or construction, who need efficient solutions for their machinery. 

Why work with a brand like Donaldson? 

Donaldson is a premium filtration brand, a leader in solving filtration needs, with a clear focus on integrity, commitment to professionals and the sustainability and safety of operations, aligned with the philosophy of Grupo Cartés. Through the proposal of solutions from filtration, Donaldson wants to move forward to solve the most complex filtration challenges for a cleaner world .

It has more than 100 years of history and more than 1,600 registered patents in technology. It is also a brand with an international presence, with manufacturing and distribution centres around the world.

Thanks to its many years of experience working in different sectors, it has built up a team of experts and specialists that enables it to offer a high quality and valuable service. 

They have more than 30,000 filter applications in their extensive portfolio, and the Cartés Group provides the necessary coverage for the national market, through our logistics, service and know-how in line with this top-level manufacturer.

Solutions for the commercial vehicle sector

The transport sector needs efficient solutions to avoid fleet downtime and the resulting loss of business profitability. 

Donaldson offers a complete range of filtration products for trucks and buses, aimed at improving engine performance. These solutions cover all possible applications in this sector, ensuring the smooth operation of the vehicle fleet and minimising downtime due to shutdown or maintenance: 

  • Fuel filtration
  • Lubricant filtration
  • Hydraulic and transmission filtration
  • Coolant filtration
  • Brake dryers
  • Donaldson Clean Solutions
  • Intake and cabin air filtration

Solutions for agriculture, construction and marine applications

For agricultural, construction and marine applications, downtime is also a loss of profitability. However, thanks to the Donaldson solutions supplied by the Cartés Group, it is possible to achieve higher performance, avoiding costly downtime and repairs. 

For the agricultural range, Donaldson offers filtration products for tractors, sprayers, harvesters, etc. In other words, for all machinery with an engine or hydraulic system. 

In the construction sector, the brand covers every need, from the filtration of air, hydraulic fluids or fuel, to the filtration of more specific elements such as the transmission, charge pump or power steering, among others.

For marine applications, air intake, lube, coolant and transmission filters are offered on many marine engines, azimuth thrusters, generators and compressors, plus a wide range of hydraulic fluid filters and accessories for marine and stevedoring equipment.

Filtration products 

  • Filtration of lubricants, fuels and coolants
  • Filtration of hydraulic fluids
  • Air filtration
  • Filtration accessories

Donaldson product ranges

Clean Solutions™: Under the maxim "Clean - Protect - Polish", this range of products is focused on the filtration of tanks and storage of fuels or oils. They act to protect the stored fluids by cleaning them at the inlet and outlet.

This prevents the ingress of dirt or water into the lubricant reservoirs, maintaining greater control over the quality of the lubricant. 

Donaldson Blue™: This premium range aims to reduce operating costs and increase equipment uptime and service life.

They have more than 150 fuel, air intake, lube and coolant filters, plus advanced bulk fuel filtration systems that clean the fuel before it is delivered to the equipment.

Donaldson enables us to offer innovative solutions that deliver the best performance to the professionals who rely on us.