We offer a comprehensive solution ranging from periodic contamination control, analysis and diagnosis of contaminating particles, to the filtration proposal that best suits the needs.

All of this with the aim of avoiding rework, rejection of parts and increasing energy efficiency and productivity in the process.

Minimizes part rejection by ensuring a flawless finish

Greater control over the work being carried out, significantly improving productivity.

Reduction of energy costs by up to 60%, and those associated with possible repairs.

Reduction of stocks and storage costs


To ensure the quality of the work, it is essential to maintain clean air inside the spray booth, free of contaminants that can cause imperfections.

To guarantee the profitability of the business, the professionals in this sector cannot afford the repetition of jobs, the stop in the production line, and much less, the rejection of parts.

In order to avoid this problem, we offer the service of detection and counting of particles inside paint booths.

Through this system, our professionals measure the concentration of particles in the incoming air streams, as well as their size, proposing the best filtration solution to maintain optimal air quality.


Most of the airborne particles that affect the final finish are natural or synthetic fibres, such as those that may be expelled by a rag or the operator's own clothing.

In Grupo Cartés we have an analysis and diagnosis service that allows us to identify where the contaminants that spoil the finishes come from, after the analysis in the laboratory of a sample of a rejected part.

In this way, we advise the professional on the most appropriate solution, such as the replacement by the company of certain materials or the placement of filters that guarantee the absence of spraying and an increase in energy efficiency.


Aldair Industrial Filtration is a brand name used in industrial and paint booth OEM equipment.

The class, initial pressure drop, initial and minimum efficiency are guaranteed by EN ISO 16890:2016 for the range of pre-filtration, medium and fine filtration, and the brand has a range of filters from class M5 to F9 under EUROVENT CERTIFIED PERFORMANCE PROGRAMME, which certifies the performance of equipment operating in the field of air treatment, in accordance with European and international standards.

This renowned quality ensures a flawless finish in the painting process, together with a reduction in energy consumption of up to 60%.

Apart from cabin filtration, this brand has a specific range of filters for the compressor and the compressed air line, as well as accessories or a heated system that ensures constant viscosity of the product being applied.

For special filtration needs, Aldair Industrial Filtration offers solutions in compliance with Directive 91/9/EC (ATEX) for explosive atmospheres or high temperature filtration required in drying ovens.



Regular and preventive control makes it possible to anticipate possible breakdowns and high energy consumption, increasing business profitability and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we provide professionals with different maintenance services depending on their specific needs. From a complete filter change to a monthly preventive maintenance service and scheduled filter replacements.

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Discover our spray booth maintenance service and how it can help professionals achieve perfect finishes and avoid rejection of parts, while achieving great energy savings.

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Aldair Industrial Filtration provides all the necessary elements for the maintenance of paint spray booths.

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